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    Are you looking for a novel way to entertain your clients or reward your staff? A hovercraft experience is a unique activity that will be a day to remember and leave a lasting impression.


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Who are we?

High Cross Hovercraft Ltd is a UK Company, based near Hinckley, Leicestershire in the East Midlands specialising in hovercraft activities. We are passionate about passing on our enthusiasm for these fantastic machines.

These are two of our highly skilled and enthusiastic instructors.

Chris Daly   Jake Cooper
Chris has been flying hovercraft for over 12 years and started racing in 2004. Since then he has raced in the UK National Championships at F3, F2, F503 and F35 run by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB). He has also taken part in three World Championships (in France,Sweden and UK), and has won the HCGB F3 Open Championship title in 2007 and been runner-up in 2008. He is also a former Chairman of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain. Jake first got the hovercraft bug as a teenager but left it behind for a while. He re-discovered the sport in 2004. He has raced in F2, F3, F503 and F35 and has been known for taking his 'craft out in every race it was eligible to race in and totaled 24 races over a weekend. (The average is four). In 2012 he has scooped  the F35 World Championship, the F35 UK Championship and the F35 Open Championship.He also spends time in a cruising hovercraft and is a veteran of the "Rhone Raid", a six hundred kilometre cruise up the river Rhone. A true test of mettle.Jake is a member of the Competitions Committee for the Hovercraft Club Of Great Britain.




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